fg.jpg Top 12 Saudi Fast Growth List 2011

Top 12 Saudi Fast Growth List 2011


Al- Fouzan Trading and Contracting Co. is in the 12 position within the hundred Saudi rapid growing companies .

Al-Fouzan Trading and Contracting  Co. is one of the distinct companies which follow studied plans and polices since its foundation in 1394H (1974) , these polices emphasize on scientific and actual solutions based on investment in human resources and seeking to attract qualified employees who participate in achieving the company's policy and strategy reflected in the government projects and plans aiming to develop the infrastructure which in turn witnessed great development in all life aspects hence the government adopted many developmental projects . the company's ambition extended to many achievement and in applying flexible policy to be pioneer in the private and government construction sectors.

The company executed many big projects reflected in the huge number of projects executed with the last five years.

Al Fouzan is one of the huge construction companies in the execution of medical cites , hospitals , universities and educational centers . hence the company obtained the pioneer prize in executing medical projects over the middle east, in addition the company was listed within the big hundred Saudi companies for many years and also within the fast growing Saudi companies .

The company is approved by many local and global bodies in the execution of many projects.