Al- Fouzan Trading & General Construction Co.

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Al Fouzan Trading and Contracting Co. is in the 12 position within the hundred Saudi rapid growing companies .

Al Fouzan Trading and Contracting Co. is one of the distinct companies which follow studied plans and polices since its foundation in 1394H (1974) , these polices emphasize on scientific and actual solutions based on investment in human resources and seeking to attract qualified employees who participate in achieving the company's policy and strategy reflected in the government projects and plans aiming to develop the infrastructure which in turn witnessed great development in all life aspects hence the government adopted many developmental projects . the company's ambition extended to many achievement and in applying flexible policy to be pioneer in the private and government construction sectors.

The company executed many big projects reflected in the huge number of projects executed with the last five years.

Al Fouzan is one of the huge construction companies in the execution of medical cites , hospitals , universities and educational centers . hence the company obtained the pioneer prize in executing medical projects over the middle east, in addition the company was listed within the big hundred Saudi companies for many years and also within the fast growing Saudi companies .

The company is approved by many local and global bodies in the execution of many projects.

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Create an integrated working environment, which invest the highest caliber and experience of mankind, And promote the latest engineering techniques and scientific applied universally, to keep pace with the needs of And the requirements of the Saudi market and the Arab world in general. With the process of development and development Taking place in the Kingdom in all walks of life and society.

To contribute to the overall growth of the country by creating landmark projects and commercial properties maintaining a functional design, achieving architectural excellence and ensuring optimization of costs.

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Successful planning and strict implementation and performance of innovative and high quality and great credibility, are the criteria that enhance our leadership to become the best provider of integrated services in the area of trade and general contracting.

To establish lasting relationships with clients based on the foundations of trust, integrity and transparency.

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Satisfaction of our customers first of our concerns. High quality professionalism. Credibility and honesty. Transparency and clarity. Innovation and creativity. Speed performance and execution. Develop the skills of technical and administrative staff of the company.

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Al Fouzan Co. employees are keen to apply quality in all the activities .

The company executed many projects by using up-to-date technology and specifications supported by qualified and expertise team work in following quality standard . the company applies comprehensive quality system in executing all business.

The quality concept applied by the company entail that each employee is to work in safe working environment and for each labor who work in its site in complying with the safety requirements applied in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also global safety requirements .

The company is keen to apply strict safety system in all business phases to avoid any body injuries for any one present at the site.

The company approved the safety and security standard and necessary procedures to be followed in each case in addition to emergency procedures.

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Al Fouzan Co. includes many qualified engineers and administrators enjoying wide experience in their work field and they continuously trained to cope with latest in engineering and management .recently the company has more than 7000 employees.